Friday, August 21, 2015

Cooking Class

 So it's been a long while since I did a journal entry about my experience cooking. Things have defiantly changed for me since my last post on this blog. I started a new position at my job teaching cooking to young kids. So far it's been so interesting and I have to think about how to make it fun for the kids. Honestly cooking a recipe in one bowl for everyone to share is really difficult but since we have to send home some thing from the cooking class I decided to have the kids cook their own portion. It's been fun because I see how fun and exciting it is for them to be able to cut the veggies or scoop out the "Guts" as I like to call the inside of the tomato. I often think about when I was a child and how always wanted to desperately to cook with me my mom but instead my job would always be peel the potatoes or cut some thing but I never had hands on ability to cook with me mom. I mean measuring the ingredients or stirring the pot or adding the water. My mom never understood why I or my siblings didn't know how to cook, it's because we never had that hands on experience. This was because she learned how to cook just by watching my grandmother. Anyways I don't learn that ways and I can't teach that way either because it's not interesting. So when I cook with kids I have to preplanned slightly for how they will make their own portions. We made a Capri salad and they cut the tomatoes and the basil and the cheese. I just watched them and made sure they would not play with the knives. The knives were butter knives nothing sharp of course, I do believe in teaching with the correct utensils because this is the only way young children with be able to know the correct way of using a knife. This way they know that with any knife it's not a weapon and it's only used for cooking. I am not at all an expert though, I am learning everyday and cooking with kids can be challenging but it's fun to see when they get to make something themselves with me watching only.
The parents love it as well and they appreciate the take home food too.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Update On My Life

Thank you to all who are constantly on my blog, I know it's been a long time since I have posted any recipes. Some new things in my life, I got a new position at my job and I now teach a cooking class. I am not the best at cooking, and I am learning every day, but with that said I hope when fall arrives to start making some of the more difficult recipes at home as a test run and take pictures of them for the blog and then make them with my students. Thank you again for continuing your visits on this not so active blog at the moment. I am also working on menu planning and coming up with some of my own tweaked recipes as well. Oh and I recently figured out how to properly use my tripod with out dropping my camera so there maybe a cook with me series coming up.
Thanks again for stopping by!

Friday, November 7, 2014


This is my third time making lasagna I cant wait to have a taste tonight for dinner. Will post this recipe after dinner with pictures.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Entry 7

What I have learned...
I was feeling very bold the past few days and couldn't wait until I had to do some shopping for groceries just so I can pick up some spinach and put it in to a dish. I purchased a box of manicotti a while back and have been searching for an idea on how to make them. I have been watching my favorite cooking shows so I can get some inspiration for the ingredients I would use with the spinach. I found a few recipes online that called for ricotta cheese, having never purchased or used ricotta I thought again I would use what I had. I have cream cheese and I have seen in the past cream cheese used for a pink sauce when making a pasta dish. I am totally freaking out that the mixture of cream cheese and spinach will not taste good. So while the dish is still cooking some things I have learned, well in this case next time I will just go ahead and make the recipe using all the ingredients it lists even the ricotta cheese. Why? Basically so I know what flavors go well with the spinach and what spices to use. I never had to think of this before because I have just always been the type to go for it if I have thought about it long enough. So believe it or not I did make a backup dish because I am absolutely paranoid now about the flavors. If by some miracle my husband likes the dish I can share the recipe with anyone who is interested. Again I am not a professional I am still learning as everyone does, I believe I made a mistake. Here is hoping it turns out well.

Friday, January 24, 2014

BBQ Drumsticks

First I have to say I have made these several times for my husband and I, they are so good and very filling to say the least. Why make bbq wings when you can have drumsticks... I don't know, my husband never liked the little wings because he claims they don't have enough meat on the bone and he has a big appetite so he asked me to get the drumsticks instead. Now we usually purchase a big packet that has a lot of them and for the two of us really two each is more then enough I think, so I usually split the package in to four or five bags. You will see in the picture below that I just had two extra so I just put the rest in a larger bag for left overs if we want, but knowing my husband it won't last as left overs that's how good they are. The prep time will vary depending on if you need to defrost the chicken, the marinate is about an hour or up to when you want to start dinner.

These are the spices I use, you can switch them out if you like and what ever you please
but these are the ones that I use like I said.

Garlic powder
Salt or Garlic salt if you want
Black pepper
New Orleans style seafood and chicken seasoning
Memphis style bbq seasoning

I also used
BBQ sauce and hot sauce
Hot sauce is optional you can a little or add a lot or not at all that is fine too
Let this recipe inspire you to tweak it to your own tastes because cooking can be fun and easy too.

In a mixing bowl mix
1 cup of BBQ sauce
tea spoon of
salt and pepper, garlic powder, Memphis style bbq seasoning, and New Orleans style seasoning
1/2 tea spoon hot sauce

Mix everything together and adjust spices as needed, again this is how I make it for us.

If you have a frozen bag of drumsticks make sure they are defrosted because you will add half of the mix of bbq sauce to the bag
Let them sit for at least an hour make sure you massage the sauce so each drumstick gets coated and it's okay if you didn't make a lot you will use the rest during the cooking process.

*I ran out of the BBQ sauce so I made only a little, but usually I make the sauce using a cup of BBQ sauce.
I adjusted the hot sauce with more of the spices so it's not too hot for us to eat and like I said I ran out of the BBQ sauce
In a large pan (large enough to fit the drumsticks) grease the pan with veggie oil just enough to cover the bottom
preheat the oven to 400 degrees

approximate cook time is 50 min to an hour
before you put them in the oven brush the sauce on to the chicken coating both sides
* You will be repeating this step 3 more times ever 15 min so make sure you have enough for that too
The reason you do this is to keep it moist through out the cooking process
In the last few minutes you can cover the pan with foil paper, I did this because my husband gets home at 9:50 pm and dinner was ready at 9:30 pm I turned off the oven but kept the pan with the foil paper on to keep it warm until he got home.

I love that the meat is falling off the bone, forgive me because I didn't make any sides with this and that's because we have to do some shopping this weekend but you can add a side to this like fries or potato wedges and a salad :-) I am still working on my plating skills.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe it is my own, I used what I had and adjusted it each time I made it. I have to say it's a lot of fun to come up with something on your own just by using the basics of a recipe.


My Mom's Middle Eastern Menu

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Good Reason To Eat Your Fruits

I found this on Facebook yesterday and thought I would share it on my blog. It's good information to keep in mind when eating your fruits.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hard Boiled Eggs

Here is a great tip from cooking tips and tricks for dummies
I never know how long to cook a hard boiled egg but this helps hope it helps you too.